Backyard Paradise: 3 Patio Design Ideas for the Summer

Patios can be so much more than a slab of concrete. They can reflect your creativity and the overall aesthetic you desire for your home.

When summer comes and you entertain friends with a barbecue or an outdoor pot-luck dinner, you’ll want to impress them with a patio that is welcoming, stylish, and that creates the environment you desire. Keep reading to discover patio design ideas that will turn your backyard into a beautiful paradise.

Stamped concrete pool patio

Patio Island

If you have a large expanse of green in your backyard, you might want to consider installing a patio island. Having an island as a centerpiece, you can add outdoor tables and chairs around it for guest entertainment or summer lounging. We can smooth out the concrete and adorn it with stamped or stenciled designs that will delight you and your guests for years to come.

Design Elements

Flagstones are a classic patio design. They look great, adding texture and interest to your home. You may want them only for walkways, but they also work well for the entire patio. Another option for the patio is a mosaic of ceramic tiles that we can embed into the concrete. Alternately, we can stamp the concrete to mimic either flagstones or tiles. This option will likely be safer for children and elderly folks who spend time on the patio. When you opt for a texture or style that is stamped into the concrete, it remains level and easy to walk on.

Sunken or Raised Patio

A sunken patio is a thing of true beauty that truly creates a backyard paradise. This option is great for entertaining in that it allows your guests to sit at the perimeter. If you have a smaller backyard, installing a sunken patio can make you feel like you’re miles away from home. For cool evenings, you can bring a portable fire pit to the sunken patio for a warm evening among family and friends. Alternately, you might consider a raised concrete platform that features a fireplace and perhaps a built-in buffet area. It is also possible to create a permanent fireplace on the patio. Finish it all off with the stamped textural or other design element and you’ll have a beautiful retreat in your own backyard.

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