5 Awesome Concrete Entryway Ideas for Your Home or Business

Both functional and classic, concrete is a great choice for entryways. That goes for both homes and businesses.

It’s easy to get creative and work with the space you have to design an entryway that you love. Plus, when it’s done right, updating your front yard or the outside of your house will increase the value of your property.

Sand finish concrete front entry

Whether you want to add curb appeal to your home or make a great first impression on your customers, take a look at these 5 concrete entryway ideas:

1. A Retaining Wall with Steps

Sand finish concrete steps retaining wall

A retaining wall is used to contain and control the soil behind it. Retaining walls are great for sloped front yards because they keep your soil, lawn, and plants in place. They also stop dirt and mud from sliding down onto the sidewalk or street, even when it rains.

This type of entryway works well with a variety of concrete styles and finishes. Smooth sand finished concrete looks clean and striking next to lush greenery and rich, dark soil.

One of the best retaining wall ideas for sloped yards involves adding concrete planters to protect and showcase your plants. It’s easy to incorporate planters into a retaining wall:

Sand finish retaining wall

2. Steps that Look Like Stone or Brick

Concrete steps stone

Stamped concrete can be made to look like a variety of different surfaces, often with a stunning amount of texture and detail. A dark stone style is simple and dignified. It can be a great choice for traditional homes and businesses.

A brick-like stamp is a popular and timeless option that can add a warm, comforting feeling to your entryway.

Stamped concrete brick stairs

3. An Idyllic Winding Pathway

Stamped concrete entry path

Designing an entryway can be a bit difficult if you have a large front yard with no stairs (i.e. your front door is at ground level). A long, winding path is ideal for these big front yards without much slope. Not only does it add interest to an otherwise flat expanse, but it also creates the perfect starting point for landscaping with flowers, rock designs, lighting, and more.

4. Steps with LED Lighting

Sand finish entry steps led lighting

Lighting can be tricky if your home or business tends to be very dark at night. It can even be a safety issue if you have steps or uneven ground. If you’re planning on adding or renovating concrete steps, consider installing LED lights to brighten your entryway.

This type of lighting looks great at night, it makes your entryway safer, and your guests (or customers) will love it.

5. Cantilever Steps

Cantilever front entry steps

Traditional cantilever steps are anchored at only one end, so they almost look like they’re floating — like this. A slight variation that looks great in entryways is to make stairs with cantilever edges, just like in the photo above. With that entryway, we combined several of the ideas in this post, by using stamped concrete and installing hidden under-mount lighting under the cantilever edges.

Ready to Get Started?

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