The Benefits of Sand Finish Concrete

Nothing beats a great custom concrete job! And when it comes to custom, Sand Finish jobs are some of the most popular around. A Sand Finish reminiscent of exposed aggregate but without the pebbly texture.

There are so many options these days that it can be difficult to keep them all straight. If you want an affordable, great-looking concrete surface that will last for decades, a sand finish concrete job is one for you. Read on to discover 4 benefits of sand finish concrete.

Gwc sand finish concrete

Great Texture

The smooth texture of sand finish makes it particularly good around the pool area, where it resembles the look and feel of wet sand. The surface is easy on bare feet but it’s not slippery, and will assure stability when young ones get rambunctious. Sand finish concrete is also perfect come summertime to for an elegant and relaxing backyard.

Color Options

Sand finish concrete (also called sand washed concrete) comes in a wide range of natural color options.

You can select tones that are reminiscent of granite, or tans and browns that evoke the sand at the Oregon coast. These tones will blend well with your landscaping scheme, lending a soil-like look to your patio. In fact, some homeowners have “cut outs” in their patios, where they can plant monkey grass, ferns or even small trees. The natural look and feel of a sand finish patio might inspire you to recreate the feel of a forest or even your favorite beach.

Design Options

Sand finish concrete patios become all the more intriguing and creative when you include a stamp design to give the surface the look of individual panels. You might choose a diamond-like pattern or more traditional-looking rectangles or squares. There are as many options for stamps as your imagination can create!

We can achieve different patterns with variations of color with sand finish concrete to achieve the decorative look desired. Some choose a checkerboard pattern while others like to create a border or even concentric borders of lighter concrete encircling the darker parts. Even if you only surround a patio with a 6-inch border, you will add a unique visual interest and give your cocktail party guests a clear cue so they know where the concrete ends, which can be helpful during late-day and evening summertime gatherings.


Not only does sand finished concrete look great on your patio, but it’s also great when used for walkways, driveways, and even your basement rumpus room. Since it is so smooth, it’s easy on shoes and bare feet, and it looks so good that your guests will find themselves impressed with even your driveway.

When you have a sand-finished concrete job installed at your home, the household will come alive. This finish can look very formal, but it can also be designed for more whimsy. Its great looks are only enhanced with the durability of concrete. You and your family will love your new concrete surface for years to come!

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If you are interested in adding a smooth, breathtaking look to your home, sand finish concrete is the solution! Contact us today to get started on your free consultation.