Choosing the Right Paving Material: Aggregate Concrete

There are a variety of options to use for your next concrete project. Here's how to select from among them.

As a homeowner, paving a sidewalk or driveway offers you the opportunity to give your landscape a whole new look and feel. You have a variety of decorative options to choose from, and today we’ll talk about why aggregate concrete is a particularly good option for your next paving project.

Types of aggregate concrete

Beautiful Concrete

Aggregate concrete is undeniably beautiful (check out our portfolio for some stunning examples). In fact, it is a very versatile method of concrete installation that can express your particular aesthetic or interests.

For instance, you could select colored glass aggregate in alternating colors to reflect your alma mater or favorite college football team. For homes that are divided between, say, Oregon State and University of Oregon, you could create an alternating pattern to show how your home is ″divided″ between the two teams. Friendly rivalries can be etched in concrete forever!

Easy to Maintain

Aggregate concrete, like other types of concrete installations, requires very little maintenance. You will need to keep it clean with periodic pressure washes and always sweep up leaves or other debris that fall throughout the year.

Additionally, make sure you maintain a regular schedule of resealing the concrete to make sure that it always looks its best and does not erode overtime. To help maintain your concrete, have it sealed when it’s installed. This simple step can save you from problems down the road. Have a concrete professional do this application, so that you can make sure it is done right, the first time.

Unlimited Options

There are so many materials you can choose to use as aggregate. While many think of polished stones as the standard aggregate material, that far from the last word on aggregate choices. You can choose colored glass, white china, mother of pearl or even clear glass “stones.” To add to the options available, you might also choose to stamp your aggregate concrete paving job. Imagine a field of green colored glass and the stamp of Oregon’s iconic Douglas Fir. You might choose a geometric shape or some other image that best suits you, your family, and the overall aesthetic you desire for your home.

Aggregate concrete will add a level of texture and interest to your next paving job in a way that plain, smooth concrete cannot. It’s a very versatile method of concrete installation that can reflect very specific things about you and your family. Please weigh all of your options, but make sure that you take a close look at aggregate concrete.

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