Common Concrete Issues

Any concrete problem can be addressed with the right knowledge, tools, and skills. Here are a few of the most common issues we deal with.

Is your concrete surface looking a little worse for wear? Outdoor concrete surfaces, like driveways and patios, are especially susceptible to damage from the elements, but even interior concrete floors sometimes need maintenance and repair.

Sealed vs unsealed concrete patio

Cracks in Concrete

Small cracks can lead to bigger problems down the road. Several factors can cause cracks to worsen over time, including heavy vehicles, weather conditions, and temperature. For example, in the winter, cool air contracts concrete, which ends up widening cracks that are already there. Even pressure from tree roots underneath can cause cracks.

Some cracks can eventually damage vehicles and even become a tripping hazard. If you’re not sure how urgently your cracks need repair, try the nickel test. If you can fit a nickel into the crack, you want to get it repaired as soon as you can.

Moss, Fungi, and Other Debris

Moss growing on concrete

Here in the Portland, Oregon area, most of us are no stranger to the rain. Unfortunately, rain creates the perfect wet environment for moss, fungi, algae, and other life to grow. This can create an unattractive and potentially dangerous, slippery surface on driveways, patios, and other outdoor areas.

Rain also washes nearby dirt and other debris onto concrete surfaces where it can settle into grooves and cracks, eventually eroding the concrete and shortening its lifespan. This can be especially true in autumn when fallen leaves create a wet blanket over many driveways and other outdoor areas.

Car Oil Stains and Discoloration

Car on concrete driveway

The fact that concrete can stain is one of the reasons why it’s so easy to customize with beautiful colors. Unfortunately, it also means concrete (especially unsealed concrete) can also be stained by less desirable things, like oil from your car or spilled paint.

Did you know that the sun can bleach concrete too? If you suddenly move lawn furniture or remove a shed, you might notice a color difference in the areas that had been shaded. This is especially common with concrete that has been stained or dyed with colors.


Concrete erosion

Have you noticed part of your driveway beginning to sag or even crumble at the edges? The soil underneath the concrete is probably starting to erode. It could be because the soil wasn’t firmly compacted enough before your driveway was built. This, coupled with the weight of a heavy vehicle can cause a driveway to sag.

Erosion can be a real problem, especially with sloped driveways or any unlevel concrete surface. The good news is, erosion problems, just like other common concrete issues, can be fixed with the right tools and expertise.

Solutions for All Your Concrete Problems

The majority of concrete problems can be addressed with resurfacing, sealing, staining, professional pressure washing, and other rejuvenation techniques. The sooner you address a concrete issue, the less likely it is to become a much bigger headache down the road.

At GWC Decorative Concrete, we specialize in concrete repair and restoration, as well as installation. No matter what concrete issues you’re facing, we can help by assessing the problem and recommending the best solution. Contact us today for a free estimate!