Decorative Concrete Retaining Walls for Your Portland Patio

in Portland, we love our precious summer months and take pride in beautifying even the retaining walls that surround our outdoor space.

Portland is known for its creativity and ingenuity; it’s a place that is reflective of our expressive spirits. That creativity transcends to our Portland homes and patios. Here are some ideas to consider for sprucing up your patio’s retaining walls.

Laying out decorative concrete on wall

Stamped Relief

For a traditional look that will impress even the most modern guest, we can create a stamped relief in the concrete that will resemble a stone wall. When we stain the concrete, it will look like weathered stones that you might find on the grounds of a traditional English estate. We can even make the concrete take on the look of brick, and stain it to match your favorite color of standard brick. Whether the stones take on a look of uniform, orderly blocks or randomly shaped stones, the aesthetic appeal of your wall will be unparalleled.


Your Portland patio will come to life when we stain the concrete patio retaining wall to match your overall aesthetic. Select a stencil pattern and we can stain it into the material so that it maintains beauty for years to come. Many people use repeating patterns for their stained concrete walls. You might stain the wall with a stencil of green ivy or a geometric pattern in a color that matches your lifestyle. The color options are numerous and when we install a top stone that overhangs the stain, your beautiful design will be better-protected from these harsh elements. Also, use this opportunity to express your artistic vision with your family for many years to come.

Solid Colors

You may prefer a uniform color and texture on your retaining wall. There is a bit of beauty to having a wall that is absolutely smooth and gives a spare, modern look. The concrete can be stained any color you like and applied in a uniform manner. Consider choosing different colors for each individual wall section for a bolder look. Another suggestion is an Oregonian-based theme, using dark green and blue to compliment the subtle yet beautiful nature of your patio.

Feeling inspired? Check out some concrete design ideas for the rest of your patio. At GWC Decorative Concrete in Portland, Oregon, we specialize in a variety of decorative concrete services. Contact us today for a free consultation!