Decorative Stamped Concrete Options

Stamped concrete boasts a wide variety of options that can make the concrete look like almost anything.

What is Stamped Concrete?

Stamped concrete is a method of pressing a design into freshly poured concrete, so that it reflects a particular pattern, such as brick, slate or stone. Using this method, homeowners get the value and durability of a concrete pour with the added textural beauty. A stamped design will add to the aesthetic of an otherwise plain walkway, patio or driveway.

Read more to discover exciting options for beautifying your home or garden with stamped concrete.

Decorative stamped concrete

Brick Patterns

Brick is a fantastic design choice for your concrete. It looks nearly exactly as though you paid a team of brick masons to painstakingly lay each piece of the design. However, all it takes is a stamp and a stain to complete the illusion of real brick.

Here are some stamped concrete brick pattern options:

• Running bond is perhaps the more traditional brick design and would look great on a large surface, such as a stamped concrete patio or a driveway.

• Basket weave may be an unfamiliar term for a brick stamp, but the essential design element is two “bricks” set in perpendicular opposition to two other bricks. The effect is that of small squares and this design might best enhance a narrow walkway, but it can also suit a large space. Its narrow profile lends itself to use as a border element.

• Diagonal is a brick pattern that gives your concrete a zig-zag effect. The result is an exciting visual that stands out and expresses a unique aesthetic view.

Slate Patterns

Slate is a popular material that is sought after by many homeowners. Although it is a costlier option, you can skip the expense of having slate hauled to your home and then painstakingly laid in a suitable pattern. Your contractors can use decorative stamped concrete in one of two slate patterns that will be striking and long lasting.

You can choose one of these stamped concrete designs:

• Fractured slate gives the appearance of slate that has been stressed and cracked. The overall effect is that of a natural, irregular but smooth texture that may evoke a natural rock outcropping. Fractured slate is often stamped in large rectangles.

• Pennsylvania slate is a textured pattern that more often is divided into smaller rectangles to give the impression more akin to traditional brick. A Pennsylvania stamp might be a good choice to border a wider expanse of fractured slate, or some other design.

Stone Patterns

Often people balk at the notion of concrete because it evokes a flat plane of beige or grey. However, we can stamp and stain your concrete patio with a stone pattern that adds interest and value to your home. Stone can be expensive to purchase and labor intensive to lay in a way that precisely fits your prescribed area.

Take a look at a few stamped concrete options:

• Arizona flagstone is comprised of various irregularly shaped pieces. The result is a visually exciting plane that everyone will assume is real stone.

• Cobblestone is one that few ever think of related to stamped concrete, yet there are stamps that have enough irregular shapes to give the look of authentic cobblestone. You will swear that you’re walking on a street in old Seattle or San Francisco.

Portland Decorative Concrete

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