Finding the Right Concrete Contractor in Portland

Concrete is as close to permanent as residential construction gets. Making sure you find the right company for the job is critical.

Concrete is as close to permanent as residential construction gets.

A driveway might be poured at most twice during the life of a home. A concrete basement floor should last equally as long, or any later leveling, patching, and staining should be required at great intervals, if at all. That is why it is to work with a Portland concrete contractor who will understand your vision and produce a quality final product.

This article will discuss how to go about finding the right concrete contractor for you in the greater Portland area.

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Inspect the Portfolio

When considering a concrete contractor, take a close look at their portfolio. Make sure they have experience handling the type of job you have in mind. Whether you desire an aggregate concrete walkway, a stenciled basement floor, or a custom, glossy floor for your showroom floor, it is vital that your contractor is experienced in that type of style.

Contractors will often post recent projects on their websites (you can see our own portfolio here). If not, ask to see some photographs that represent their work. During this process, you may even discover an approach to your job that you’d not previously considered.

Gather References

After you have assessed a variety of portfolios, seek out references for good Portland concrete contractors. Your friends, family, and coworkers may be a good start, but reading online reviews provides greater feedback for the services you may be considering. Weigh out comments for their validity and make the best judgment. For example, we have customer reviews on both Facebook and Yelp.

Measure Professionalism

Professionalism is a key part of the equation. In the preliminary stages, make sure your contractor is responsive to your phone calls, initiates and follows-up on appointments, and provides estimates in a timely manner. Pouring concrete is a huge step in the life of any home or business, so you want to have the confidence that you are working with the very best contractor Portland has to offer. Peace of mind does not pour concrete, but it definitely helps you sleep at night, and every contractor should value your time and need to be well informed.

GWC Decorative Concrete is an award-winning concrete company with a team of friendly and experienced craftsmen. Serving the greater Portland area, our services include installing, repairing, and finishing stamped concrete, exposed aggregate, sand finish, and interior floors. Get started on your next concrete project – contact us today for a free consultation!