Ideas for Using Exposed Aggregate Concrete Indoors

Though most often thought of as an outdoor application, exposed aggregate can enhance indoor environments as well.
Polished indoor exposed aggregate concrete gwc decorative concrete

Exposed aggregate is a type of custom concrete job that leaves any assortment of aggregate material visible at the surface. Most often you will find concrete that exposes small pebbles or even colorful glass marbles.

No matter what specific aggregate material is used, exposed aggregate concrete finishes are some of the most beautiful applications of custom concrete. In this article, we will uncover ideas for using exposed aggregate concrete indoors and help you plan your next home beautification project. We will discuss the following examples:

  • Foyers
  • Basement Remodels
  • Kitchens


A shiny, welcoming foyer that is custom-built to reflect your aesthetic will be a great place to welcome guests.

In the wintertime, wet and muddy shoes or boots won’t harm the flooring and a lighter colored aggregate will help you clean up any tracked-in soil. Not only is a concrete foyer a great practical idea, but you can use varying colors and textures to create a design that you will be happy to come home to for years.

Basement Remodels

With the deregulation of accessory dwelling units (ADUs), more and more families are building an apartment over the garage, a small house in the backyard or basement apartment.

To make your ADU stand out from the rest, install exposed aggregate concrete flooring. The concrete will be durable for years and when you choose a custom aggregate design, it will positively glow in the eye of your renters or guests.

If you like, a new slab can include heating elements so that no one has cold feet in the morning. You can even give each room of the dwelling space its own character with a different type of aggregate or another custom element.


Durable, sleek, and easy to maintain – exposed aggregate concrete is the perfect choice for new or remodeled kitchens.

Alternative to stone or polished concrete floors, consider the incredible creativity of a custom-designed concrete floor. If you desire aggregate in the design, it can be used as a border element or as the central focus for the floor design. You might even select two contrasting aggregates to add an extra level of depth and interest to the floor.

For more exposed aggregate inspiration, check out our portfolio. When you’re ready to take on your next concrete project, be sure to contact GWC Decorative Concrete for a free consultation.