How to Improve Landscape Design with Accent Lighting

Lighting can be everything when it comes to landscape design.

Lighting can be everything when it comes to landscape design.

During the day, it is important to know what spots are more shaded and which get more sun. When you figure that out, you can plant accordingly. You can figure where to place a gazebo or a bench, so that you can enjoy as much or little sun as you like during the warmer months. Accent lighting can help bring light to your life at night, highlighting aspects of your landscape as you wish.

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Modern concrete accent lighting

Safety Feature

Accent lighting is a great design feature for any yard. Not only does it add beauty, but it can make your property safer for visitors. If you have a set of stairs that are shadowed by your home’s normal floodlights, an extra, ground-level light or two can illuminate the way for guests.

Motion-detecting lights can be helpful for overall safety as well. Would-be intruders will be startled when the lights blink on suddenly.

Well-Lighted Outdoor Space

If you have a new concrete patio, you want to make use of it at night. Consider placing accent lights around the perimeter. This will prevent anyone from stumbling at the edge and will add to the overall enjoyment of your yard.

Imagine a warm summer evening, languishing outside after an expertly grilled meal. When the sun finally goes down, your accent lights will keep your family and friends lit enough for comfortable conversation, and will help you find your way back down the pathway to your house.

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Integrated Accents

You can make accent lighting a permanent feature of landscape design when you have it installed with your decorative concrete. A set of concrete steps might have LED light fixtures installed so that the beautifying, safety-enhancing light will blend perfectly with your design. If your concrete abuts your house, integrated lighting can beam up against the exterior wall, adding an extra aesthetic accent to your home at night.

Passive Lighting

One way to add accent lighting without adding new fixtures is to use glass block as a structural element to your home. If, for instance, you add a few layers of glass block to the top of your basement wall, you will let elegant ambient light out at night. The glass block will look as though it is glowing and, if it wraps the home, your home will have an interesting bottom border that makes it stand out on the street. As a benefit, your basement will gain more passive light during the day.

Accent lighting brings out the best of your landscape, even when it’s dark out. The options are endless, as you can choose the highlight your plants, pathways, deck and other natural and architectural features.

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