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What Are My Options for Repairing a Concrete Driveway?

Over time, concrete driveways can take a lot of abuse. Repairing them can extend their lifetime.

Driveways are built to bear the weight of automobiles that weigh thousands of pounds. Then, sometimes objects fall on the concrete or roots push up from underneath the driveway. A stained driveway can be just as difficult to deal with: car oil, spilled paint, rust are only the tip of the iceberg.

Below are a few professional options for repairing a concrete driveway.

Repairing cracked concrete


For a cracked driveway, resurfacing is probably the way to go. In this process, the concrete needs to be thoroughly cleaned, the cracks filled, and then a new surface is troweled on top. One of the advantages of resurfacing is that you have the opportunity to resurface your driveway with a new color, texture, or pattern.

Engraving or Stains

If the damage is relatively minor, you can engrave or stain the concrete to cover the blemishes. It may be possible, for instance, to stain your driveway in a color that matches the blemish left behind by the paint or other discoloration. In fact, the blemish might even integrate into the new color or pattern and enhance it.

We can also create a design where the stained parts fall in line with your engraved pattern. The process involves staining the entire area and then routing out the pattern.


Sometimes, the soil beneath the driveway erodes away and your driveway starts to sag. It is also possible that the soil was not properly compacted prior to the initial concrete pour and is giving way due to the stress of constantly supporting vehicle weight.

In these cases, slabjacking may be the best solution to permanently repairing the problem. In the process itself, we drill holes down into the concrete and then we fill the slab with a grout mixture. Lastly, polyurethane is used to resist future scuffs and staining while providing a lasting polished finish.


If you have been enjoying a beautiful, stained driveway for many years, you might begin to notice that the once-beautiful color and design has begun to fade with time, sun exposure, and wear.

To return your driveway to its former glory, we can recolor the surface. You might also decide that this is a good time to change the color and discover a new driveway aesthetic. To repair the problem without re-pouring a driveway, we can look at a few options for re-staining the driveway or laying a new topping over the driveway, if needed.

At GWC Decorative Concrete, we specialize in concrete repair and finishing as well as concrete installation and restoration. For more information about our professional concrete services, contact us today!