The Top Reasons You Should Be Sealing & Finishing Your Concrete

When it comes to concrete surfaces, many people choose to skip sealing and finishing to cut down on price and installation time. That's a mistake.

It’s true that concrete sealing is not absolutely essential to the installation process, but it pays off in the long run, because it:

  • Protects concrete from environmental damage
  • Increases the lifespan of concrete surfaces
  • Keeps color-treated concrete looking vibrant
  • Makes regular maintenance a breeze

Here’s how sealing and finishing works and why it’s truly a worthwhile investment:

Stamped sealed concrete entry

Protect Your Concrete from Damage

Concrete is a porous material, which means spilled oil and grease can penetrate the surface and turn into unsightly stains. This is especially common with concrete driveways where cars sometimes leak small amounts of oil, but it happens with interior concrete floors too.

Concrete gets damaged over time by other things as well, including:

  • Rain and moisture
  • Moss and fungi
  • Heavy items like cars, boats, or large furniture
  • Sunlight
  • Temperature changes

Make Your Concrete Last Longer

As you can imagine, protecting your concrete from the elements increases its longevity. Even though concrete is porous, the finishing process covers up those pores, creating a solid protective seal. This way, you avoid having to replace and repair concrete surfaces sooner than necessary.

Actually, we recommend periodically resealing any concrete surfaces that are regularly exposed to potentially damaging elements — surfaces like driveways and carports.

Maintain Concrete’s Color

Many people choose to add beautiful colors to their decorative concrete, especially on interior concrete floors. We use stains, dyes, paints, and more to create a huge variety of color options, from vibrant shades to subtle, classy hues.

Sealing and finishing preserves these colors and keeps them looking sharp. It also makes concrete look cleaner and more polished in general. A little shine makes concrete surfaces look new even when they’re not.

Easier Maintenance

One of the main reasons why people are drawn to decorative concrete is that it’s low maintenance and easy to clean. But without proper sealing and finishing, concrete is susceptible to stains and damage just like any other material. A well used driveway will inevitably be exposed to the elements, and interior floors will almost certainly take the brunt of a few spilled beverages or food items.

Sealed concrete surfaces are extremely easy to clean, though. Instead of sinking into the concrete, dirt, dust, and spills will stay on the surface so you can easily wipe, wash, or sweep them away next time you tidy up.

Sealed vs unsealed concrete patio

Thinking about Sealing Your Concrete Surfaces?

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