Why Concrete Office Floors Are Perfect For Your Business Interior

Office spaces need to serve many different functions. They should impress clients and customers, but they should also be functional and pleasing to your workers on a daily basis.

Office spaces need to serve many different functions. They should impress clients and customers, but they should also be functional and pleasing to your workers on a daily basis.

Flooring, unfortunately, is often an afterthought. The same old carpet fills countless offices, usually beige or navy with old coffee stains. Shouldn’t all of your desks, supplies, and people be surrounded by something unique?

If you’re looking for a change, consider concrete office floors. Not only are they gorgeous, but they can also be much more efficient than other flooring options. In this post, we’ll cover 3 things to know before switching your office floors to concrete.

  • How Do I Make a Concrete Office Floor?
  • Pros & Cons of Concrete Office Floors
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How Do I Make a Concrete Office Floor?

First, of course, you’ll need to find a qualified interior concrete contractor such as GWC Decorative Concrete. Unlike outdoor concrete, interior concrete requires special considerations to survive normal wear and tear while also remaining attractive.

A bit of good news: your office may already have concrete underneath that old carpet! Concrete is a common foundation for floors that are later covered by another material. Tearing off your carpet in a secluded area is the best way to find out what’s beneath. If there’s concrete, a contractor will only need to clean off the debris and refinish it however you please.

If there isn’t, you’re not out of luck. We can still provide the concrete surface of your dreams completely custom. The process involves preparing the raw surface and surrounding areas to avoid damage. At this stage, you can also consider heating solutions, such as passive solar heating or radiant heating. Finally, we’ll pour the concrete and morph it into the style you choose; check out our concrete gallery for more inspiration.

Pros of Concrete Office Floors

Concrete floors outweigh the pros of traditional carpet in many ways. These are some of the most important benefits:

Easy to clean

Once sealed, concrete can withstand any spill. Unlike more porous materials, concrete also does not hold on to dirt or stains. Simply sweep and mop when necessary for a truly clean floor.


Carpet can hold many allergens in its fibers. According to the Mayo Clinic, carpeting is a haven for dust mites that can trigger symptoms of hayfever and asthma. For employees and customer with sensitive allergies, concrete flooring is a perfect alternative.

Unique and colorful

If you’re only imaging a solid grey floor, think again. Concrete can be stained in a variety of colors and techniques to produce the look you desire. From a rustic brick hue to modern charcoal, your concrete flooring can be customized in countless ways.


If you already have concrete underneath your carpet, refinishing it saves the materials you would have used otherwise o another flooring option. Even if you opt for a completely new slab, concrete is a sustainable flooring option. Because of its durability, it requires less replacing over time. At the end of its life, concrete can also be repurposed for other building materials.

Cons of Concrete Office Floors

For its many pros, concrete can have a few drawbacks you should be aware of:


Concrete is less cushioned than other surfaces, which can make it troublesome to stand on for long period of time. For this using standup desks or are often on their feet, cushioned pads or rugs can help alleviate some of the hardness.


Concrete is an effective conductor of heat energy, which makes it easy to heat but also quick to become cold. Without heating, this can become uncomfortable in colder climates. However, it’s certainly a positive during the summer months.

Risk of moisture

If not properly sealed, moisture can limit the lifespan of your concrete through mold and cracking. Again, this is why finding a qualified concrete contractor such as GWC is crucial when planning this long-term investment.

Concrete floors are a sure fire way to stand out. And even better, they’ll perform exceptionally well and provide more value over their lifetime than other flooring options.

GWC Decorative Concrete is proud to be one of Portland’s premier concrete flooring contractors. Contact us today to start your next project!