Exposed Aggregate

Simple yet dynamic, an exposed aggregate finish is a fresh alternative to traditional concrete.

Regular poured concrete solidifies into the flat gray surface we’re all familiar with, but hiding just beneath that smooth top layer is what we call aggregate. Exposing the aggregate layer under your concrete’s surface gives it a beautiful finish that resembles thousands of tiny stone pebbles. When installed properly, an exposed aggregate patio, driveway, walkway, or interior floor will add interest to your home and increase the value of your property.

If that weren’t enough, exposed aggregate is also one of the most versatile options out there; it looks great anywhere and can seamlessly complement other design elements. But this simple, tasteful aesthetic is complicated to achieve. Getting a great result requires perfect timing and a flawless technique.

Are you planning to replace or build a new patio, driveway, or walkway on your property? We have the knowledge and expertise to beautify any concrete surface and achieve the exposed aggregate look you want. Contact us today to talk to a professional concrete contractor in Portland about your project.


Broom Finish

While the concrete is setting, we will wash and brush away the surface mortar, exposing the aggregate layer underneath. We may use a stiff-bristled broom in addition to spraying water, which helps speed up the process.

Concrete Surface Retarder

A chemical-based surface retardant can be sprayed onto freshly placed concrete to make it set and solidify more slowly. This gives us more time to remove the surface layer, so it’s a useful method for large jobs in hot weather.

Abrasive Blasting

After concrete has dried, it is still possible to expose the aggregate via sandblasting. This method can potentially harm the aggregate layer, so it’s not the best choice if retaining your concrete’s shape or unique coloration is important to you.


Create any look you want by combining the classic, stony pattern of exposed aggregate with other styles of decorative concrete. For example, stamped concrete is a beautiful and endlessly customizable option that allows you to mimic the colors and textures of any material you want, down to the last detail. You might choose to:

  • Create a geometric pattern that resembles tiles to surround simple slabs of exposed aggregate
  • Design a brick-like border along the edges of your walkway and front steps
  • Embed larger stones within the exposed aggregate to create a decorative, whimsical aesthetic

Exposed aggregate also looks great when poured alongside existing concrete to create contrast. Whether you love the simple look or you’re ready to get creative, our concrete professionals have the design experience to help you create, finalize, and realize your vision.


When installed properly, exposed aggregate looks effortless. But the truth is, achieving that beautiful, stony pattern requires a high level of precision and meticulous craftsmanship. Creating a result that stands up to the elements over time requires even more expertise.

As time goes by, your driveway, walkway, and patio take a lot of abuse from rain, heavy cars, falling leaves, and other debris. That’s why, at GWC Decorative Concrete, our focus is on delivering results that are both stunning and functional. That’s why, when you work with our exposed aggregate concrete contractors:

  • Your concrete is designed to maintain its beauty long after it’s poured and set
  • We carefully seal and finish your concrete to protect it for the long term
  • We’re completely dedicated to your vision, and we have the skill to carry it out

Beautify Your Home with Exposed Aggregate

Are you ready to enhance your driveway, patio, steps, walkway, floor, or other surface? Exposed aggregate concrete is a wonderful solution! It’s simple, serene, and a joy to look at. Plus it looks crisp and tasteful alongside almost any other material, including other types of concrete.

With 75 years of combined experience, the team at GWC Decorative Concrete specializes in delivering beautiful, durable results at an affordable price.

When you work with us, we will:

  • Schedule a consultation to discuss your ideas and give you cost and timeline estimates
  • Collaborate with you to come up with a design that combines your vision with our concrete knowledge and experience
  • Communicate transparently with you at every stage, making time to address any questions or concerns that come up
  • Always clean up, recycle, use green practices, and treat your property with respect and care
  • Make sure you are 100% happy with your new concrete surface before our job is done

Are you planning a concrete project in the Portland, Oregon area? Do you have questions about design customization options? Want to find out how exposed aggregate can add value to your property? We would love to help!

Contact us today to speak with a professional about your project.