Interior Concrete Floors

Concrete interior floors are rapidly becoming more popular with contractors and homeowners, providing a sturdy, easily cleaned, and (with new advances in the industry) aesthetically pleasing interior flooring option.

Concrete contractors can take drab grey slabs and turn them into art with stamped concrete, acid-washing, and other options for decorative concrete. Though many flooring options are available when you first build a home – wood, laminate, tile, etc. concrete offers a natural material that fits in almost any style of home, and has a variety of options such as decorative stamped concrete and multiple color choices. Brighten up your home with custom concrete interior floors. Discuss your options with a Portland's premier concrete contractor today!

Concrete Colors

To most people, concrete is boring: a drab, grey, stony texture that makes up road pavement and sidewalks. Concrete floors, however, offer a staggering array of color and texture options that can brighten up your home!

  • Integrated Colors

    Integrated Colors can be added to the concrete during the mixing process, turning that grayish concrete into elegant colors. Many options are available – Contact us for more information.
  • Stains

    Stains can be added post-pour to create a glossy, slick finish that really shines in the home. Stained concrete floors look great in the home and can add deep shades and tones to an otherwise bland surface.
  • Dyed Concrete

    Dyed Concrete floors create a similar look, but can incorporate a much more vibrant color palette, and are frequently found in bright azure blues, greens, and gold.
  • Colored Hardeners

    Color hardeners are hand-laid onto the concrete after it is poured; creating a solid color that enhances the finished appearance of the concrete. Since it concentrates on the surface of the concrete, it can create an intense color that looks amazing indoors.
  • Paint

    Paint can be applied to just about any solid surface, even concrete, and can add solid color to your home’s concrete floor to match whatever color scheme you’ve established.

Concrete Textures

Concrete texture doesn’t just have to be simply smooth and drab, it can be shaped and textured in a variety of ways to make your concrete floor more interesting.

  • Stamped Concrete: If color isn’t your thing, then you can use concrete stamps to create a pattern. Concrete is such a flexible material that your contractors, like those at GWC Decorative Concrete, can create stamped concrete in just about any pattern imaginable to compliment your home interior. Patterned concrete floors can be stamped to resemble cobblestones, layered tiles, simple slabs and more.
  • Exposed Aggregate: Lying just beneath the surface of your usual smooth concrete finish is an aggregate layer, looking like thousands of tiny pebbles, and can add a unique aesthetic touch to the interior of any home.
  • Stenciled Concrete: Stenciled pattern concrete allows you to imprint patterns in the concrete floor before it sets, similarly to stamped concrete. The difference, however, is that stenciling is more versatile for patterning, and can create much more intricate patterns than stamped concrete.

Energy Efficient Flooring

Believe it or not, concrete floors are the green, environmentally friendly option!

Existing concrete slab doesn’t need to be made out of new materials, and provides an energy-efficient flooring material for your home. Concrete floors absorb more heat in the winter and remain cool in the summer since stone naturally absorbs and distributes warm and cool air differently than wood, tile, or linoleum. Furthermore, many homes incorporate heated concrete flooring using propane, which means you never have to set foot on freezing cold floors after stepping out of the shower or coming home in winter!

Call GWC Decorative Concrete today for a quote on your project. We can handle any size job installing concrete flooring and can accommodate any aesthetic design including stamped concrete, stenciled pattern concrete, and stained concrete floors.