Cedar Hills Split Patio Sancutuary

This outdoor living space is comprised of three major areas: an informal sitting space, a dining location and a firepit. Each is formed from sand finished concrete in 'Pewter' and each has a dedicated 18" seat height walls with integrated FX Luminaire lights. Spaced concrete acts as both edging around the lawn, as well as the focal point for the corten steel firepit area. Decorative sawcut control joints subtly divide the main patio into squares that tie into the spaced concrete.

Portland, OR (Cedar Hills)
June, 2020
1200 sqft
Jon Ensign Design
Patio, firepit, pathways
9 cedar hills spaced concrete seat wall firepit
8 cedar hills concrete seat wall lighting
7 cedar hills backyard patio sand finish
6 cedar hills backyard sanctuary
5 cedar hills spaced concrete firepit
4 cedar hills concrete seat wall outdoor lighting
3 cedar hills ourdoor patio seating concrete seat walls
2 cedar hills outdoor patio dining
11 cedar hills sand finish spaced concrete patio
10 cedar hills sand finish concrete patio
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