Wilsonville Stamped Patio

This gorgeous wrap-around concrete patio features a Large Ashler Slate stamp for the main body ('Oyster White' color hardener, 'Smokey Beige' release). The borders are a complimentary Roman Slate stamp ('Smokey Beige' color hardener, 'Smokey Beige' release) which help to define the overall space. The patio also features a custom Sand finish firepit in 'Pewter' with a 270k btu rated crossfire burner from Warming Trends, perfect for entertaining on long summer nights.

Wilsonville, OR
June, 2020
1300 sqft
Patio, firepit
GWC Decorative Concrete
2 wilsonville stamped concrete patio backyard
9 wilsonville stamped patio smokey beige color hardener
8 wilsonville stamped patio oyster white color hardener
3 wilsonville stamped concrete firepit sand finish
7 wilsonville stamped concrete patio ashler slate stamp
6 wilsonville stamped concrete patio roman slate border
1 wilsonville stamped concrete patio firepit
5 wilsonville stamped backyard patio
4 wilsonville stamped wraparound patio
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