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3 Concrete Front Porch Ideas for Instant Curb Appeal

Because of its durability and versatility, concrete porch designs are a great choice for all styles of homes.

Front porches truly do so much for a home. They serve as a welcoming first impression for guests, and everyone loves lounging outside when the weather is nice. They also add instant curb appeal which can even boost your property value.

To make sure your porch stands the test of time without sacrificing style, you’ll want to consider using concrete. In this article we'll look at three of our favorite concrete front porch ideas:

  1. Sand Finish Concrete Porch
  2. Wood Stamped Concrete Porch
  3. Concrete Porch Retaining Walls
Cantilever concrete front porch ideas

Sand Finish Concrete Porch

When it comes to porches, there’s no going wrong with sand finished concrete. Its subtle texture adds appeal to your porch and works well in any color stain imaginable. Sand finish concrete is a perfect match for modern and contemporary porches, especially if they feature geometric details. Craftsman homes in the Pacific Northwest also often use sanded concrete to offer a sleek touch and give emphasis to the gorgeous details of their architecture.

What a sand finish concrete porch lacks in intricate detail makes up for in maintenance and comfort. Regular pressure washing will make it look new for years to come, and its modest texture makes it gentle on feet.

Wood Stamped Concrete Porch

Nothing is more classic than a wooden porch. Unfortunately, hardly anything is more difficult to maintain. Especially in Portland, wood porches are prone to rot and premature damage as the weather fluctuates. But with wood stamped concrete, you can easily get the best of both worlds!

A wood stamped concrete porch can be stained a variety of natural colors to match the rest of your home. Black is a stunning contemporary option, while uneven brown tones mimic the look of wood grain.

Concrete Porch Retaining Walls

Concrete doesn’t stop at just flooring options for your porch. Another fantastic idea is to build retaining walls that surround the front of your porch. Especially if your current porch is only an elevated platform, concrete retaining walls will create a cohesive look that can be customized countless ways.

If built as a garden bed, these walls can contain flowers and short plants that extend above your lawn and change throughout the seasons. Alternatively, your concrete porch retaining walls can rise above the floor of your porch to create a ledge suitable for lounging, drinks and food, or leaning areas for guests. This is a quick way to earn instant curb appeal!

Ready to get started on your concrete porch project? Contact the Portland concrete professionals at GWC Decorative concrete for a consultation and quote. And for even more inspiration, be sure to explore our concrete project portfolio.