Backyard Concrete Accents for Your Home

Concrete is increasingly used in landscape designs for homes.

There is so much you can do with backyard concrete. While most people only think of a concrete patio, you can go far beyond just that. Your backyard concrete might include built-in fireplaces, barbecues, or even benches. This article is all about how to use concrete in creative ways to add interest and value to your backyard. Read on!

Backyard built in concrete seat wall firepit

Concrete Steps and Paths Create A Cohesion of Spaces

If you have multiple areas in your backyard, you can create a sense of unity and cohesion with concrete steps and paths. Your backyard concrete accents can be customized to suit your overall design aesthetic. With decorative concrete, you can connect many spaces together. Thus, you can connect a koi pond with your outdoor barbecue area by using decorative concrete as the means for connection.

Built-Ins Provide a Place for Conversation

Consider constructing built-in pieces that can help define your backyard space. Permanent sitting areas that include concrete benches help to create nonverbal invitations to sit and chat. A built-in backyard concrete fire pit not only helps bring your guests together around one awesome focal point, it’s likely they’ll want to visit again for a truly relaxing experience.

With concrete, you can create large raised garden beds which might be wide enough for sitting and socializing. The sides of the garden beds can be stained, stamped or sand finished depending on the style you want to achieve for your yard.

Built in concrete seat wall patio

Garden Edges and Art Pieces Make a Yard Pop

Garden edges are a great way to separate your living areas from your plants and green spaces. If you have a lush expanse of green grass, backyard concrete accents can help delineate the spaces in a way that makes them pop. Concrete sculpture is another way to make a yard stand out from the rest. If you like to cycle through a series of statues, you might create a concrete platform or pillar on which to display prized pieces.

Backyard concrete edging

Tiered Gardens and Planters

Concrete can also be used to create a tiered garden effect. A series of small raised beds could be part of a single piece of concrete. You might use this structure to partition and define your barbeque area. On the other hand, the partition might have built-in planters for small ornamental plants. There are many ways to approach this idea, including parallel concrete partitions that are joined with wooden beams in a pergola style for vines and other greenery.

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