3 Gorgeous & Practical Mudroom Design Ideas Using Concrete

Especially in the Pacific Northwest, mudrooms have the potential to be incredibly functional spaces.

Mudrooms help prevent dirt from tracking into a clean home and can even be spaces for messier chores. But since they’re often the first escape from the elements, they need to be as durable as they are attractive. That’s why concrete is a perfect building material for mudrooms.

In this article, we’ll go through 3 of the best concrete mudroom design ideas that will improve the functionality of your space:

  • Concrete Mudroom Flooring
  • Concrete Mudroom Bench
  • Concrete Home Dog Washing Station

Let’s get started!

Mudroom concrete design ideas

1. Concrete Mudroom Flooring

Arguably the most crucial consideration when designing a mudroom is choosing a flooring material. That’s because unlike the rest of your home, your mudroom floor needs to withstand abuse, be waterproof, and (hopefully) still look stunning at the end of the day. We think concrete is a perfect choice.

A modern mudroom can be enhanced with a sleek and polished concrete floor stained to a monochromatic tone of your choice. For rustic or traditional homes, consider sepia-toned stains or stamped concrete designs. You can even opt for stamping your concrete in a wood grain pattern to achieve the timeless look of timber with the durability of a concrete slab.

2. Concrete Mudroom Bench

A bench is one of our favorite mudroom design ideas –imagine no more hunching over trying to remove heavy coats or unlacing boots! If you’re considering a concrete mudroom floor, adding a concrete mudroom bench would be a seamless extension. Modern homes will especially benefit from the sleek and functional appeal.

A concrete mudroom bench can withstand years of use while offering excellent water and mud resistance. It can also be easily cleaned with a hose and brush, eliminating the need for cleaning liquids or specialized treatments to prevent stains.

3. Concrete Home Dog Washing Station

For dog lovers with a bit of extra mudroom space, a concrete home dog washing station can make you and your best friend’s lives much easier. Imagine no more needing to wrangle your dog outside for a bath, or struggling to shampoo your pet in the bathtub during the rainy season.

Building a concrete home dog washing station is straightforward. It consists of a slab on the ground that will serve as the “tub” and additional slabs on the walls for splash protection. You can even opt to elevate the bottom so that you won’t have to bend over to reach your dog’s height. Your dog washing station will also have a set of removable shower heads for rinsing. And finally, you can opt to install a glass door to keep your dog in place while you reach over to scrub.

Inspired by these mudroom design ideas? Contact your local Portland concrete contractors at GWC Decorative Concrete for advice and a consultation.