3 Ideas for a Stunning Stamped Concrete Pool Deck

Stamped concrete pool deck designs are as varied and creative as your imagination. Here are 3 ways you can up your pool deck game.

Summertime in the Pacific Northwest is the perfect time to enjoy hanging out by the pool. Whether you are sunbathing, swimming laps, or watching your kids splash around, you are spending substantial time on a pool deck. Maybe you have noticed that it looks a little weathered and could use a little beautification. One way to inject some instant style into your pool deck is using stamped concrete.

Stamped concrete pool deck designs are as varied and creative as your imagination. For some inspiration, here are our top 3 concrete pool deck ideas to make the area around your pool stunning:

  1. Add an Accent Border
  2. Customize Your Design
  3. Have Fun with Alternating Colors
Stamped concrete pool deck

1. Add an Accent Border

You likely have a standard slab of concrete somewhere around your pool. Have you considered breaking that design and using stamped concrete around your pool? It’s a great way to create a border to highlight and accent your pool deck, and it has a couple added benefits:

Unique Design feature – an accent border gives you the opportunity to add some pizzaz to your pool area. Have fun with colors, patterns, or create a one-of-a-kind look. It also adds definition!

Safety benefits – when you create a 1-2 foot border around your pool, you will give a conscious or subconscious cue to everyone signifying how close the edge of the pool is. This can prevent accidental falls or slips into the water.

Remember, stamped concrete isn’t limited to just a pool deck. It can also be used to define other areas of your backyard. For instance, you could create a border for a dining area, patio area, or walkway.

2. Customize Your Design

Incorporating stamped concrete into your pool deck is a great opportunity to express your creativity. From geometric designs to customized shapes, the possibilities are truly endless. Take your stamped concrete pool deck design to the next level with these ideas:

  • Create the look of natural stone
  • Add an intricate texture to create depth
  • Customize a design to match your home’s personality

3. Have Fun with Alternating Colors

Some of the most stunning pool decks combine stamped concrete designs with dynamic stains. You could alternate stamped “blocks” with different colors or textures, or use one main color that you contrast with the border color. For instance, the main color could be a light tan color that is contrasted with a taupe, or dark brown at the pool’s edge.

Sealed, stamped concrete will hold its colorful stain for years to come.

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