5 Tips for Choosing the Best Concrete Contractor

Finding and hiring a concrete contractor that is dependable, honest, and qualified for the job is no easy task.

Hiring contractors can be a long, sometimes frustrating endeavor. Finding and hiring a concrete contractor that is dependable, honest, and qualified for the job is no easy task.

Far too often, homeowners will be quick to hire the first concrete company they interview without getting the whole picture. For example, forgetting to ask the right questions until midway through the project could result in added costs and a delayed completion time.

Here are 5 professional tips for choosing the right concrete contractor.

Choosing the best concrete contractors in portland


When you research concrete contractors in your area, check to see their portfolio.

The best contractors maintain a gallery of their recent work for a clearer idea of their services and what to expect at the end. The portfolio will also allow you to visualize what you want for your home, and perhaps offer new ideas.


As a general rule of thumb, a contractor with a minimum of 5 years of experience has demonstrated that they are reliable and consistent in providing quality work.

Experienced contractors will also readily provide insight and recommendations to getting the best results possible. For example, they will be happy to discuss how one concrete option may be more complimentary to your backyard patio over another option.


Are they friendly? How reputable are they?

Begin evaluating their online reputation by reading their testimonials and reviews. Yelp, Facebook, Houzz, and Angie’s List are great places to start. Keep a look out for poor reviews, and see if the contractor addressed and responded professionally to such complaints.

Ask your friends and family if they know about the company or have had experience working with them. You can also ask the contractor for a list of references to learn more about them.


If a mishap occurred on the job, you want to ensure that you will not be held liable for it.

Ask your concrete contractor what their insurance policies cover, specifically how do they protect you and your property from on-the-job accidents and damages. Professional contractors will have a general liability coverage and worker’s competition in place. You can also contact the insurance company directly to verify the coverage and timeframe.


When speaking with your contractor, make sure to request an estimate on the project.

Expenses to look out for include the cost of the base material, concrete thickness, reinforcement, coloring, sealer, and down payment. Then, cross-compare the price with other local contractors.

Make sure to consider what services you will be paying for, the expected quality of work, and your relationship with the contractor when making your final decision. You could pay less elsewhere but receive poor workmanship due to a lack of communication.

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