3 Unique Concrete Ideas for Your Front Yard

Your front yard may be the perfect place for your next concrete related project.

When most people think of decorative concrete, they usually picture a driveway or backyard patio. But there’s one area of your home that is commonly overlooked: the front yard.

When you think about it, front yards mostly serve as a decorative piece to your property. That makes it the perfect place to explore unique concrete ideas alongside your landscaping and lawn. In this article we’ll discuss 3 of the most interesting concrete front yard ideas:

  • Front Yard Stamped Concrete Slab
  • Concrete Troughs and Retaining Walls
  • Front Yard Concrete Walkways
Concrete ideas for your front yard

Front Yard Stamped Concrete Slab

For a straight-forward addition to your front yard, consider a simple stained or stamped concrete slab. The biggest benefit is the plethora of design options available. A slab will also reduce the area of your yard you’ll need to maintain and create a social space in an entirely new portion of your property.

Imagine a circular slab with a sun design, or perhaps a modern geometric stamped slab stained to contrast the color of your house. GWC will also often pour several smaller slabs where homeowners might place large potted plants (particularly popular in Portland), which makes it much easier to cart them away when you decide to switch things up for a new season (or just for a new look).

Concrete Troughs and Retaining Walls

Concrete is a gorgeous accessory for front yard landscaping and gardening. Concrete troughs serve as sturdy planters where you can house decorative plants, vegetables, or fruits. If your front yard is on a slope, this will be especially useful in helping your plants grow tall. Not only can they provide either a modern or traditional style for your home, but they’ll last far longer than wooden planters.

A sloped yard also opens the possibility for terracing. With concrete retaining walls, you can create a tiered garden each with a flat surface. Not only is this concrete idea sleek, but it can also help reduce the damage of seasonal flooding in very rainy areas.

Front Yard Concrete Walkways

Open up your front yard to visitors with a handsome decorative concrete walkway. You can stain, stamp, or shape it to match your home’s style. A textured terracotta stained walkway is a stunning addition to a rustic style home, for example. Or for a modern approach, you can opt for a geometric concrete walkway scored with thin breaks of lawn.

Especially if you dream of having a lush front yard garden, a concrete walkway can wind through the entire length of your property so that every inch can be enjoyed. And again, this can vastly reduce the time you’ll need to spend maintaining your front yard.

Are you a Portland local? To get started on your next concrete project, get in touch with your local concrete contractors at GWC Decorative Concrete. Also be sure to browse our portfolio for even more front yard concrete ideas.