Exposed aggregate concrete patio Portland

Sometimes, simpler is better. Exposed aggregate concrete is as simple as it comes, offering a decorative finish that you would never think is just lying in wait beneath regular poured concrete! For that simple stony look, exposed aggregate is the way to go, as it creates a surface texture that resembles thousands of tiny stone pebbles instead of the drab, flat surface of traditional concrete.

Once concrete has been poured and solidifies, it leaves a smooth surface that most homeowners are familiar with. Underneath this layer, however, is what we call aggregate. Using several different methods, our professional contractors can expose the aggregate just under the surface, leaving a unique finish that really makes any home stand out.

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There are three main methods of making exposed aggregate concrete properly, and they must be timed perfectly in the concrete setting process in order to achieve the desired look. These methods are:

Broom Finish

No need for special tools here, but the timing must be absolutely flawless. While the concrete is setting, concrete service professionals like those at GWC Decorative Concrete will wash and brush away the surface mortar, exposing the aggregate layer underneath. They may use a stiff-bristled broom in addition to spraying water, which helps speed the process.

Concrete Surface Retarder

A chemical-based surface retardant can be sprayed onto a concrete slab immediately after it has been placed, which slows down the speed at which it sets and solidifies. This allows the contractors more time to remove the surface layer, exposing the aggregate beneath, and can be an incredibly useful method when dealing with large jobs or hot weather.

Abrasive Blasting

Once concrete has set and dried completely, it is still possible to expose the aggregate. This can be done via sandblasting, but this method has the disadvantage of potentially harming the aggregate layer, and is not a good choice if retaining the shape of the concrete or any unique coloration is a concern for the homeowner.

Brushed and washed driveway concrete
Chemical sprayed patio concrete
Abrasive blasted patio concrete
Exposed aggregate front door patio steps

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Regardless of which method is used, the end result is a simple yet aesthetically pleasing appearance for any concrete walkway, patio, driveway, or interior. New concrete with exposed aggregate can be poured alongside existing concrete for a contrasting and complimentary look.

GWC can combine two different types of concrete, providing an entirely new appearance for your home. When both decorative stamped concrete and exposed aggregate concrete are poured side-by-side, the home becomes truly unique.

As with most construction jobs, exposed aggregate concrete services are best done by professionals. Alongside stamped concrete and sand finishing, GWC Decorative Concrete specializes in exposed aggregate concrete installation, and can help you in adding that aesthetic touch to your home. Contact us online or call 503-849-0901 today for a free estimate!