Sand Finish

Traditional concrete is often left rough like the sidewalks and driveways you see around. When concrete is sand finished, it can take on a smooth, classy veneer, which resembles the hard sand at ocean beaches when a wave recedes.

Sand finishing is a great, classy choice throughout the household. A sand-finished driveway will welcome family and friends with a custom look that can take the breath away. Sand finished concrete is easier on your feet as well as a great flooring option for a workspace in the basement. Add sand finish concrete to your home for a beautiful look that will last for decades. Contact us today to get started!

The Sand Finish Process

Once the concrete is poured, the surface is troweled to make sure the concrete is as smooth as possible. At this point, a special compound is added to extract the paste part of the concrete. The next day, concrete professionals can pressure-wash away this residue. The result is a beautiful finish that astounds homeowners and neighbor alike.

We finalize all projects by cleaning with a light muriatic acid wash to remove efflorescence and any contaminants. Once dry, a solvent based acrylic sealer is applied to protect and enhance the beauty of the sand finish.

If the basement is used as a sort of ″rumpus room,″ a sand finished floor is perfect. It resists stains, can’t be easily scratched or harmed, and looks fantastic. Homes that go the extra step to stain the concrete with custom colors or designs express their own sense of style. For those that like to play on the floor, simply throw an area rug over the beautiful concrete so everyone is warm and toasty all winter long.

There are alternatives to a sand-finished concrete area as well. During the process, the surface can be scored with a decorative pattern to resemble large paver stone. For a completely custom look, we recommend unique patterns for many of our driveways and patios that will wow passer byes.