Decorative stamped concrete in Portland, OR

Every home needs to have a touch of class. Stamped concrete can add a unique, and special look to a floor or wall. Stamped concrete adds texture and a level of design not normally seen in a piece of concrete. Many choose a pattern that resembles stone or brick, but there is no limit to what can be embossed into a slab of concrete. Here are a few ideas for stamps:

  • Faux wood boards including textured wood grain.
  • Wavy, irregular texture to resemble a single, large piece of stone.
  • Circular compass-type design as an accent in the middle of a patio.

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Add Curb Appeal with Color

Concrete isn’t limited to the traditional grey color we traditionally see. A color can be added to give an additional level of interest or colored borders can be added for even more appeal. If a brick-like stamp is used, the concrete can be colored with brick-red. On the other hand, a stone pattern might use more of a grey or even brown color. There are some concrete stamps that resemble wooden planks and include wood grain.

Endless Creativity

While many individuals select colors to specifically match the stamp, there is no reason a homeowner couldn’t be more creative. Due to concrete’s flexibility, the limits are endless when it comes to patterns and colors. Some people even choose to utilize multiple stamp patterns to create a one-of-a-kind piece. If done tastefully, these types of details can help boost the resale value of a home.

Attention to Detail

Often times people assume that if you are choosing stamped concrete, the entire surface needs to be stamped and embossed. This isn’t the case. Some homeowners choose to selectively stamp the concrete with small details such as a leaf or fern in order to add interest. These little details can transform a slab of concrete into an eye-catching piece with minimal additional effort.

Concrete stamps for patios Portland, OR
Stamp patterns for concrete patios in Portland, Oregon