Do You Need Concrete Crack Repair Before the Winter?

Winter is just around the corner, and with the plunging temperatures come new threats to your concrete slabs and driveways.

Winter can wreak havoc on concrete. The cool air contracts concrete, and as a result exacerbates the cracks you may already have. This article will explore how to determine if you need repairs and what options you have before the winter arrives. The topics that will be discussed include:

  • Measuring Crack Severity with a Nickel
  • Temporarily Repair Small Concrete Cracks Yourself
  • Resurfacing Concrete
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Measuring Crack Severity with a Nickel

When you take stock of your concrete, you need little more than adequate lighting and a nickel.

We don’t use those coins for much these days, but it can help determine if cracks are in need of repair. If you can slip a nickel into a crack, you’ll want to repair it as soon as possible -and if it is close to the size of the coin’s diameter, you’ll really need to contact a professional concrete contractor!

If a nickel won’t fit into the crack, it’s considered hairline and not in urgent need of repair. However, you should routinely inspect that area throughout the season.

Temporarily Repair Small Concrete Cracks Yourself

Temporarily patching hairline cracks can be a good winter solution before investing in a resurfacing project. What you’ll need is concrete repair compound, which can be found at most hardware stores. Look for one with a latex, as those will be able to expand and contract with the changing seasons.

When you undertake the job, be sure to first chip away any loose or thin concrete then clean the area. Use a leaf blower and a broom or brush to clear up any excess dust or debris. Have a putty knife or a trowel handy when you are ready to apply the compound. When applying the concrete patching material, make sure you make the application as even as possible.

Once the crack is full of the mixture, smooth out the surface before it dries. Act quickly, as the compound can dry before you have a chance to smooth it out. If the patching doesn’t blend in, consider applying stain to match the surrounding area.

Resurfacing Concrete

If you find several cracks in need of repair and along with some hairline cracks, your concrete is in serious need of resurfacing.

A professional contractor can resurface your slab and make it look completely new. Not only will it improve the feel of your home, but it’ll also avoid even more costly repairs down the road.

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